Before Surgery

  • Several weeks before surgery, call pre-admission and internist recommended by the doctor to make an appointment.
  • Any patient who decide to do their laboratories and chest X Rays outside the hospital, should have results before internist and pre-admission evaluation. They must be less than 30 days before the date of the procedure.
  • All patients whose health insurance have medicare platinum coverage should get the following referrals before any visit:
  1. Dr. Ricardo Reina (Surgery)
  2. Implant
  3. Anesthesia
  4. Internist
  5. Hospital Auxilio Mutuo
  • Before joint replacement surgery, you will need time to prepare, both physically and psychologically. Planning ahead for the challenges of surgery and recovery will help ensure a more successful outcome.
  • Assemble your personal and medical information, including the name of the person who will stay with you in the hospital. Be sure to include any medical conditions or health problems you have such as diabetes, any previous operations you have undergone, adverse reaction to anesthesia, dietary restrictions and food allergies.
  • Getting in shape for surgery can lessen the chance for complications and shorten your recovery time. Eat a well-balance diet and do stretching exercises. Do not consume alcohol for at least 48 hours before surgery. Smoking affects blood circulation, delays healing and slows recovery. Narcotics and other drugs can cause complications and impact your surgery. If you use any other types of controlled substances, tell your doctor.
  • Prepare your home for recovery after surgery. Remove rugs that can cause you to slip, rearrange furniture, and place items you use regularly at arm level so you do not have to reach up or bend down. Borrow a walker or pair of crutches to see how well you can maneuver through your home.
  • The night before the surgery take a shower or bath with an antibacterial soap or other medical wash; this will help reduce the risk of infection. Do not shave the area of the surgery. If shaving is necessary, it will be done in the hospital. Remove any make-up, lipstick, or nail polish before leaving for the hospital. Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before surgery.