Life with joint replacement

  • Following a relatively short period of recovery after surgery, patients undergoing joint replacement surgery typically return to a high level of activity. Speed of recovery following surgery depends on your level of activity before surgery, general health and overall physical fitness, degree and duration of physical impairment before surgery, the type of surgery you had, and your expectations and motivation. Physical therapy after joint replacement is very important.
  • Long term physical limitations after surgery are nearly always due to other orthopaedic or rheumatologic problems (significant arthritis in other joints, chronic low back pain) or major health problems (heart, breathing, other chronic illnesses) rather than due to any limitations of the joint replacement.
  • In general, those undergoing hip and knee replacements can return to unlimited low impact activities such as swimming, water exercise, walking, biking, low impact aerobics, and golf. Patients should discuss specific limitations and activity restrictions following total joint replacement with Dr. Ricardo J. Reina.