After Surgery

  • Once the patient is discharge from the hospital, should call Dr. Reina’s office to book a post-operative appointment that will be in two weeks after surgery. Arthroscopic surgery patients will be evaluated in one week.
  • After knee joint replacement, people are standing and moving the joint the day after surgery. First, you may walk with the help of parallel bars. Then a walking device – such as crutches, walker, or cane – will be used until your knee is able to support your full body weight. About six weeks after surgery, most people are walking comfortably with minimal assistance. Once muscle strength is restored with physical therapy, people who have had knee joint replacement surgery can enjoy most activities (except running and jumping).
  • After knee replacement surgery, you are usually sent home or to a rehabilitation facility, depending on your condition at that time. If you are sent to a facility, the average rehabilitation stay is approximately seven to ten days. If you are sent directly home from the hospital, your doctor will usually have a physical therapist come to treat you at home. Your doctor also may have you go to an outpatient physical therapy facility as the final stage of the rehabilitation process. Outpatient therapy may last from one to two months, depending on your progress. Remember, every person is different and the course of rehabilitation will be determined on an individual basis with the assistance of your doctor and physical therapist.
  • Your physical therapist will provide you with techniques and adaptive equipment that will help you follow guidelines and precautions while performing daily activities. Remember, not following the given precautions could result in the dislocation of your newly replaced joint.
  • At home, stair climbing should be kept to a minimum. Make the necessary arrangements so that you will only have to go up and down the steps once or twice a day. A firm, straight-back chair is extremely helpful in adhering to these joint precautions. Recliners should not be used.
  • You should ask your doctor before returning to such activities as driving, sexual activity, and exercise.